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Not Waste

Client: Materials Lifecycle Management Company® Services: Web Design Year: 2015-2016 Link: MLMC is a rapidly expanding materials management company, with patented and proprietary materials optimization and alternative fuels technology. Our solution for traditionally landfilled or incinerated waste is disruptive to the waste management industry.

Valkyrie Racing

Client: Valkyrie Racing Services: Web Design Year: 2015-2016 Link: Renée Brinkerhoff is an American auto-racing driver currently competing in the Mexican open road race, La Carrera Panamericana (LCP) and vintage races. Her racing experience began two years ago in the 2013 La Carrera Panamericana. And what a debut! Renee finished the race first in her class, becoming the only woman to ever do so in a La Carrera Panamericana debut.